Peace Practices+Support


Please consider supporting us through a recurring donation:


If you cannot make a monetary donation, we are also in need of these services, things, and space donations. If you or anyone you know might be able to help, we would love your support.


Services that we need

  • Assistant instructors for our classes
  • Volunteers for our events
  • General administrative support
  • Fundraising Task Force members
  • Connections to foundations, potential donors
  • Connections to schools that might love Peace Practices
  • Connections to organizations with which we can present Peace Practices and/or Pacific Rim International School for their children
  • ABC Board Members skilled in Fundraising
  • ABC Board Members with legal knowledge/experience
  • Car mechanic services
  • Grant writing
  • Social media management
  • Database scrubbing
  • See our open positions & hiring page here


Donations of Space

  • Storage space: for dojo mats, files...
  • Work space: 2-3 dedicated small desk spaces
  • Event space: for community gatherings of 10+ people
  • Event space: large clean space that is in a centralized location for Peace Practices trainings (ongoing for 1-2 hour periods or one-off classes/workshops)
  • Event space: Large locations with seating for 100+ people for presentations

Items we are in need of

  • Office supplies: Postage, office organizers
  • Clean mats for traveling dojo
  • Laptop computer
  • Reliable car with five seats
  • Bart transit cards
  • Non perishable snack items & drinks
  • Uniforms for children and adults in our programs that cannot afford them. Click the links included to purchase one.


We wish for community members, colleagues, you!

Are you a:

  • Donor to an essential project that is already making the world a more peceful place in very concrete and sustainable ways: Peace Practices?
  • Fundraising Taskforce member with expertise and/or contacts in the world of upper level funding?
  • A potentially paid Peace Practices instructor with experience in aikido, theater, or Process Arts?
  • Volunteer or Intern, retired or in need of volunteer experience and a letter of recommendation?
  • Contacts Database administrator ready to move, refine, and clean data for import and export to varous platforms?
  • Decision-maker at a potential site, especially businesses, schools (of any level), and law enforcement organizations?
  • Persons with networks that include parents, educators, and administrators?

Please email administration at abcglobal dot net and let us celebrate your potential contribution!