Peace Practices


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Conflict Done Well™ is the key to the effective communication and the teamwork needed to love your family, build community, bring your best to your work, and make peace a daily reality.

Peace Practices prepare you and your children to flourish through conflict of all kinds. Peace is a martial art™ and practice is really the only way to be ready when the pressure is on. Join us! Read what others are saying about Peace Practices here.

Launched as a local initiative in California with international seed-funding, we began building toward an offering of local, national, and international programs. We prepared children and adults to welcome difference and facilitate creative responses to conflict as an ongoing practice. We engaged children and adults in daily training for peace that is a martial art of non-violent conflict responses with the body and mind in unison. In this way, we committed to and then co-created solutions which work for everyone.

"I just want to say thank you so much for offering the wonderful Peace Practices classes to the PRINTS children and parents. Both my children really love the class and have learned a lot of very useful movements from it. You are amazing to offer this opportunity to all of us.    - Chau Lam, Peace Practices parent and professional event producer

In May 2014 we received three years of international funding and began the next phase, our local launch in partnership with Pacific Rim International School in Emeryville and San Mateo, CA. In 2016, we began working with Beacon Day School in Oakland. In 2016, the second of three years of promised funding, the foundation supporting us discontinued communicating with us without explanation, and we became unable to support our administration. Some classes continued, but our infrastructure had to be disassembled. We searched diligently for a more sustainable funding model. Brandon was invited to teach all levels of graduate students and introduce Conflict Done Well, the system as whole including Aikido 2.0, Martial Nonviolence, and Peace Practices, into the somatic psychology department of Pacifica Graduate Institute. Afterward, everything CDW then moved to be based in North Texas where it now has a home online, as a result of the pandemic, and continues to develop at Aikido Oak Cliff.
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If you would like to read a bio of our founder, Brandon Williamscraig, it is available here.

Peace Practices shifts entire communities towards the daily practice of Conflict Done Well.