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A four and five year old had an incident that I want to share with you. Both of them wanted to put the same bike back in the shed and could not agree. One bit the other, and that one bit back. Then both were hurt, physically (very hard to see), and emotionally since they have been good friends for a long time. Both of them cried hard, and did not want to talk about it. I had a conversation with them, asking why they are feeling frustrated and how they can deal with it with words. [One] suddenly said, "Oh, yes, just like Peace Practices, when someone tries to hit you, you take their hand and say 'let's go together'." I asked them what they can say to each other then, and both of them said that they could say "let's do it together, or let's go together." Then the other said "But sensei said we also need to practice so it can be part of us." I asked them how they want to practice, and they said they want me to stage the bike to its original place so that they can run to the bike, then practice with "non-harmful" words. I replaced the bike and they said ''let's go together' and "let's do it together" to each other. When they put the bike back, they stared at each other, smiled, and hugged each other.
Much appreciation to Brandon Sensei who puts in great effort in working with the children.
  • A faculty member at Pacific Rim International School


Thank you, Brandon! I was a little worried that my five-year-old [daughter] would be too young for the class, but she was thrilled by your workshop yesterday. Her grin went from ear to ear the minute she entered the studio. When we came home she proudly showed me how to do a shoulder roll and quite expertly demonstrated to her dad how to stop feeling dizzy if you need to.  So, while her attention may not always seem to be super focused, she is definitely picking it up. I am very impressed with the practice overall. Thank you for offering these classes.   You can quote me, and I will make my donation recurring. See you next Saturday!

  • Rhonda Collins, Urban Montessori Charter School parent


Today, my group for Peace Practices had the best time ever during practice. All of the children followed Sensei perfectly and engaged in the practice. It was so nice to see!

  • Mikiko Tanigawa, Pacific Rim International School Faculty


Brandon has both the extensive training, self examined personality, deep commitment both on a personal, professional and political level to bringing about Peace through the body/mind practices that is so sorely needed in the world at war right now. Brandon brings with him a deep humanity and facilitation skills (not to mention a sense of humor) which is a rare combination among Aikido teachers. I hope enough money can be raised and more training's made possible for many people to learn these processes.

  • Carol Swann, Moving On Center School for Participatory Arts and Research, Co-Founder and Director

Thank you for everything! Peaceful Practices Works!
  • Ava Gordon, Psychiatric LVN ret.

I mentioned it today when substitute teachers got a 6 hour training on nonviolent crisis intervention, a CPI program that is excellent.  When they talked about a supportive stance for teachers to take with the student who might be in crisis, it was at a perpendicular angle (90 degrees) to the student.  I demonstrated the Aikido stance of shoulder to shoulder, with a "Maybe we could work together...." (or whatever is appropriate at the time) kind of comment.  They really liked it and it made sense to them.  It makes sense to me, too.  Thanks for that!  

I think the story you told about being mugged was the one that hit home for me.  I got the idea of Aikido and how it works from your actions in that incident.  How many times have I heard you present something on Aikido?  Many.  But this story helped me make the connections  I needed to understand its philosophy and purpose.  Thank you for that.

  • Katie Johnson, retired veteran teacher


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Among the causes vying for your attention, one of my favorites is Peace Practices.

  • Robert Kent, President, Aiki Extensions Inc., an international peace NGO

A wonderful thing to support: Peace Practices, applying Aikido both verbally and somatically for children and adults to learn to "do conflict well" and make our world better. Thank you Brandon Williamscraig Sensei for your great initiative and work ~ well worth supporting!

  • Jamie Leno Zimron Sensei

Please take a moment to learn about this organization, Peace Practices. I know the founder and instigator of this curriculum personally. If you can, please donate to their cause, which teaches people how to do conflict resolution well.

  • Laurent Colvin, DC

Peace Practices has taught me how to not run from conflict, and to re-train my body and mind's reactions so that I see each conflict as an opportunity for peacebuilding. This is the first time I have ever seen a program that addresses the realities of systemic and interpersonal violence with real world solutions for peace.

  • Cheyenne Barr

Consider donating to Peace Practices, a curriculum that teaches concrete skills for de-escalating conflict and holding on to empathy and integrity during confrontation. Peace Practices uses the art and philosophy of aikido to provide concrete physical, verbal, and mental skills to move beyond good intentions and actively create peace under pressure with body, words, and thought. Imagine the kind of world we would live in if everyone learned Conflict Done Well. They have already started in the Bay Area--let's see how far we can make it go.

  • Esther Mealy

Starting Peace Practices young is the key to the future (but I imagine one is never too old to learn).

  • Corii Liau, Pacific Rim International School Parent, San Mateo

Peace Practices is a very interesting combination of movement and speech with great promise, doing good work in some Bay Area elementary schools.

  • Paul A Thomas III

Hey, y'all. Definitely check out this org. The work they are trying to do in training kiddos on managing conflict is good, good stuff and something I think is fundamental in fighting the good fight.

  • Katie Raina Marie Schramm

Many entities out here are asking for our financial support at whatever level of personal giving is possible. Peace Practices is a dynamic group needing the input from our pockets to enable their mission. Please donate as you can and share widely!

  • Molly Sacco Hale