Peace Practices+Beacon Day School

If you are visiting this page and unfamiliar with Beacon Day School, we highly recommend their excellent program and direct your attention to to find out more.

Dear Beacon Day Families and Staff,

We are very excited to be a part of your learning community this school year! Please come here for responses to commonly asked questions and invitions to participate (see calendar below) and engage with us in any way that works for you. We invite you to:

  • Sign our waiver so your child may participate fully in our training,
  • provide contact information at so we may reach each other, and
  • Request an account on this site or Sign In (above) so you can see video and images of your child and use our discussion area (which appears below when you sign in) to let us know what you need, propose changes, offer praise and criticism, and any other purpose that seems right. We respond to all posts as soon as possible.