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Welcome to new staff member, Cheyenne Barr!, Executive Assistant to our CEO!

Please email to let her know of any needs and she'll make sure your message gets to the right person. A bit about her previous work:

"I am a passionate and dedicated administrative right arm and Jill of all trades. I have been working for 6 years as an Office Manager, and 2 years in self-taught graphic design, website development, marketing, and social media.  I worked 5 years with Cafe Gratitude in their office and I am committed to holding a workplace that is founded in integrity and transparent loving communication.

My education and passion lies in social justice for marginalized populations and environmental justice (particularly food sovereignty and sustainable agriculture). I have a wide breadth of skills, which you can see further on my Linkedin profile (here Thank you for your attention.  I appreciate the opportunity!

Cheyenne Barr"


Cheyenne is inspired by the impact of personal responsibility and empowerment through community building, and that is one of many reasons why she came to Association Building Community. Her ongoing support of the work by Get That You Matter reflects these values.
She is particularly interested in raising awareness and motivating inward looking through events and workshops to help people confront where lack of responsibility is causing injustice and planet-wide degradation of both human life, and environmental health. She has run hundreds of events since 2003, most of which related to her particular interst in social justice and feminism.

She loves creating things with her hands, and learning and sharing how to create things from scratch or by upcycling to limit dependencies on corporations and build interdependencies through local communities. This is what started her business, Deconstruction Crafts and supports the world's largest clothing swap and DIY workshop event, Swap-o-Rama-Rama.

Working five years the Office Manager for Cafe Gratitude with over 200 employees and nine locations, and successfully closing the larger organization to open three independent companies through the mucky waters of lawsuits and financial crash, she grew to fully understand the potential of a strong and resilient community even (and especially) through extreme hardship, and the core need of strong leadership throughout. Through this, she believes in community building through authentic and transparent communication styles where acknowledgements, requests, and apologies are everyday activities. 


Skills include: event coordination/programming, office management, social media and marketing management, project management, team building, sacred commerce, hand thrown pottery, website management (joomla, wordpress...) and more



ceramics, homesteading, diy culture, feminist thought, queer theory, slow food


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+General Practice

I currently work with clients to get their visions off the ground running via brand creation, logo design, website design/management, social media planning and coordination, and general consulting for marketing and media. Information of this service is at

I also own my own business where I make handcrafted goods promoting DIY as a form of resistance, and an empowering solution for building a new world.  Learn more at


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