The ABC Board of Directors is legally responsible for all decisions and activities of Beamish Process Arts dba Association Building Community. The individuals involved in the Board do "business as unusual" by convening the ABC Council for all purposes of governance, oversight, and mission. The Council includes all those, with and without a Board-level vote, who are moved to be a part of the consensus process by which decisions are made for the community as a whole.



What does the Board do?

  • Participate in the projects and events through which our associations build our community.
  • Co-create the Council consensus process by which big decisions are made in community and then ritually formalize same by casting individual votes to take full responsibility for the process as a whole.
  • Raise funds and make personal contributions to guarantee ABC's operational independence from fluxuations in projects and grants.
  • Provide advice and oversite for structural and operating decisions made by anyone with an executive role.
  • Share direct and mutual support with the CEO in growing personally, professionally, and caring for the community as a whole.
  • Recruit and review requests for fiscal sponsorship.