conflict done well

Community building is ABC's core value, defined by asking people in relationship with each other if they are getting what they need, and then proposing choices and opting-in to strategies that will make the widespread satisfaction of needs more likely. As human beings are both fundamentally similar and specifically different, learning to do conflict well in order to work through (by way of) difference is a core prerequisite to living an authentic and meaningful life. Working through conflict in a way that leads to understanding and humane behavior, therefore, may be the most important skill-set in the main areas of human endeavor. As conflict is now often treated as something to be avoided or framed as an all-or-nothing struggle for domination, the skills required to be creatively nonviolent under pressure are also one of the most neglected areas of lifetime learning. We believe it is time to practice these skills, and that peace may be learned through practice, as though it were a martial art.

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