Peace Practices are flourishing. Together, children and adults are learning to imagine conflict as normal and something an entire community can get good at, replacing knee-jerk reactions driven by fear with much richer, long-term, all-win strategies. The beautiful community where this work is being given life is called Pacific Rim International School, or PRINTS. Please help Peace Practices grow by helping your children, or your friends and their children, to discover PRINTS. They have made a supremely courageous choice to take a chance on Peace Practices, have been our partner in securing international funding and almost 100% participation from the children on both their campuses, and are struggling with severe competition from other schools in the area, many of which promote themselves by appearing to duplicate the innovations which PRINTS introduced to the San Francisco Bay Area and to Montessori, in general. There is no substitute for being the genuine article.

It is a classic story. The source of so many advances, for decades, including complete tri-lingual immersion in an AMI Montessori context, is now struggling to be seen and valued amidst the clamor of less experienced and more aggressive competitors. I ask for your help in spreading the word that extensive expertise and deeply rooted dedication to educating citizens of the world is available at PRINTS in both San Mateo and Emeryville. They have openings at most levels, a remarkably fine faculty, and have authorized me to offer meaningful scholarships to new families who come through our Association Building Community (ABC) network. All PRINTS students receive Peace Practices instruction for free, as an integrated part of their curriculum, on a weekly basis. Help Peace Practices and your own children, family, and community. To find out more by taking a tour, leave a message with us at ABC (866) 236-0346 or via to express interest, so we may connect you with PRINTS as an ABC contact. Please tell your friends and networks. Both my children are being educated at PRINTS. What matters more than the education of our children to practice peace?