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Subject: [Fall with Balance] Aikido Training Schedule - Month of 2018 09

Already used: 1st & 3rd Saturdays, The Final, Goodbye Celebration, Final Month, Last of June, Speak Up About, Two months left, Monday on your own, You May, May We?, May B, May I?, 1St Kyu & Taisai, April Come She Will, Wed morning test, Beautiful April, Mysterious March, Marching Into Spring, Yudansha Extravaganza, No Class President's Day, What's Love Got to Do With, Mary Heiny Sensei Tue - AiBerk, Moving Into Feb, Kangeiko 6AM Classes Every Day, What is nonviolence?, Let's Grow, Mon Last 2017 Class until Jan 3, 2nd to last, No Mon - Tests and Party Sat!, Post-Turkey, No Saturday Classes, 2nd Kyu Prep, Highly Recommended Jujutsu Seminar, Monday off, 100% Organic, Special Classes, Monday off--Sensei back!, Ozben Wed!, Come to, Respond to keep aikido at Cal, RSVP for Monday, End of Summer, Sensei is back!, Summer drawing to a close, Mon off Wed Sat on, Ganseki Otoshi with Fries, Gratitude, Return of Sensei, 4th of July Party, Flight Deck poll, New Summer Schedule, Juneuary no more!, Beautiful Summer, Mon off - Wed Sat on, Rolling Into Summer, Let us know your summer training plans, Special End-Of-Semester Get Together This Friday, Last Eshleman Class But In Room 10, Taisai week, Aikido 2.0 Fundraiser this Saturday!, Brandon Sensei is Back!, Special Instructors All Week, Spring Break, Excellent Sunday Seminar, Mad Marchness, New Monday Time, Road Trip to CSU East Bay, President's MonDay, Freidl and Horie Visiting, Spring Is On The Way, Beginner's week, Aikido for Wellness, Is Aikido really nonviolent?, Social Media Blitz Coming..., Happy New Year!, THE ULTIMATE Training Week of 2016, Penultimate Training week of 2016, Thankful for you, Train through Wed then break until next Mon, Gratitude for Training Keeps Me Sane, Sensei Returns, Aiki Freedom, Special Friday Night Visitor, Please choose a monthly payment, Seminar Now - Shodan Coming, Earlier Saturdays, Peace Week Classes and International Conference, New Black Belt Teaching Sat, Schedule changes, Developing Schedule, Serendipitous Survey, Free Friday Seminar, Youthful idealism, Return of Sensei, Liberating, Fully Covered, Strangely Compelling, Improvisational, Takemusu, Combobulated

To send the training schedule each week:

  1. COPY the last week's card's CONTENTS into a NEW CARD with the title DATE UPDATED, immediatly going through and UPDATING ALL DATES (+1 week). REPEAT for the '-full' card, making sure to SET THE CARD TYPE TO 'Basic' rather than 'BasicABC' so that anonymous users can see it, and making sure that the link to the '-full' card is also updated with the current week. Finally, reflect any relevant schedule changes, cancellations, events, campains, drives or fundraisers for the week before moving on. Special note: take care when selecting a schedule template to copy from, the ideal template has the highest level of congruence with the current schedule, beware of sourcing from a paired-down schedule as you will need to recreate the relevant missing classes.
  2. UPDATE the Training schedule card confirmation by setting priorty to URGENT, Updating the deadline, updating the referenced training schedule to be this week's, updating the weeking tagline, and updating the awaiting confirmation section. Once you click submit, communicate to Brandon Sensei (via text if no response by Sunday) that the training schedule awaits his approval. 
  3. Once the schedule has been approved, but not sooner than Sunday, verify that no further changes were stipulated and then start by updating the last week's schedule to type 'BasicABC' and set the new schedule to type 'news item'.
  4. Sunday evening, copy and paste tagline and training schedule title ('Training Schedule Week of yyyy mm dd') into the subject line of a new email, coping the schedule into the body of the message.
  5. send to , , and

then it will be sent to everyone on those lists automatically.

PLEASE DON'T FORGET SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS. (waiting for schedule confirm.)