People in conflict around the world need your help to access Peace Practices

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Brandon here. I've just returned home as you read this, am back at my desk, looking out my window over the the San Francisco Bay Area. I know that my children and I are very likely to eat and read together tonight, and go to bed in safety. While I sift my "Developed World" challenges for solutions, sometimes it seems that Those People Over There are the ones to change how conflict works, if anybody can, because they are in the thick of violence. Sometimes I forget that they are supremely vulnerable and just trying to survive.

The amazing participants in Training Across Borders have just completed an event which has nothing comparable to follow it. They are amazing, inspirational, beautiful people, who engaged Peace Practices with their hearts, minds, and an eye to the future. I am thankful for being able to share their time on earth. Several are considering long term involvement with Peace Practices. 

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Even if just for them, I wish each attempt to gather people to actually practice peace didn't feel like beginning from scratch. Momentum builds over decades as people suffer needlessly and die today. Perhaps this is as the world has always been. I am certain that it doesn't have to be this way any more, if we insist.

The work of making actual peace happen, by practicing Conflict Done Well with as many people as possible, is in our hands---those of us who aren't in harm's way and have the capacity to train for and insist on peace with as much commitment as those who train for war. That is why nonviolence is a martial art. That is why peace is something we must practice so that we may be models for our children and insist on results from the politicians we elect. That is why Peace Practices is the most important project you will ever support.

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Please help us build infrastructure that will last. Donate, please, but also help us connect with foundations and individuals who fund far reaching, sustainable solutions. You may not think you know somebody like that, but you do, or are separated by one mutual friend. Advocate for us, and those dedicated to building a better world will come to you. If you are ready to truly make a difference, but don't know what next step to take, please contact us now and hear a few suggestions. We need you and, more importantly, so do the children being born into war zones as you read this.

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