Peace Practices Development Team Invitation

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 Association Building Community is establishing a Development Team to help us plan and implement growth, especially as this growth supports our Peace Practices project. This two to three person team will have the support of a Fundraising Task Force, include an executive advisor or contract professional with long term industry experience and Board-level access, and an intern who both has and wants more experience in development.

Who we are: We are a Bay Area nonprofit with an internationally seed-funded, proven and successful curriculum that teaches Conflict Done Well ™ so that peace may be practiced sustainably, both short and long term, by anyone of any age, in any culture, as though it were a martial art.

Who you are:

  • You are a professional with a proven fundraising record.

    • If you are a senior or retired professional willing to work pro bono to advance a truly meaningful project with far-reaching peace-making impact, then you are the adviser we are looking for! Please interact with the Board to help us choose effective strategies as you work with our CEO, Program and Operations Manager, and interns.

    • If you are an early or mid-career development professional working part-time contracts, please send us examples of “paying for your own position and then some” successes, lessons learned, and let us know your availability and rate.

  • Finally, we are also searching for self motivated interns who are interested in the field of Development within nonprofits and in working with people who have not only survived but have launched vital work, funded its beginning, and flourished during a time of profound financial challenge.


Work as a core member of the Fundraising Task Force, providing information, feedback and research as needed:

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  • Develop a long term fundraising strategy with reachable monthly milestones.

  • Set fundraising projections to meet income requirements, tracking and reporting on progress.

  • Conceive and execute all fundraising campaigns: build proposals with clear goals, launch and boost campaigns, bring each to a successful close, record all new information to relevant databases, and complete an evaluation of its successes and shortfalls with suggestions for future campaigns.

  • Strategize and continue developing relationships with previous donors and potential donors, building and enacting strategies to encourage recurring donations.

  • Plan and manage the production of promotional materials, fundraising, and press packets.

  • Develop and enact marketing strategies and matching campaigns to engage members and the general public, maintaining and improving upon our systems for identifying and tracking funding prospects.

  • Solicit sponsorships for programs and events.

  • Research new fundraising opportunities and grants.

  • Manage and execute key donor acknowledgment processes.

  • Develop materials and deliver timely reports for both the board and funders.

Inquiries can be directed to administration (at) abcglobal (dot) net or (866) 236-0346