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Kayla Feder Sensei began her Aikido training in 1973 at the age of 9 and has trained continuously for 37 years. She is the chief instructor at Aikido of Berkeley (http://www.aikidoofberkeley.com) and studied directly under Morihiro Saito Sensei in Iwama, Japan. Feder Sensei has also trained with and been strongly influenced by Doran Shihan, Nadeau Shihan, Saotome Shihan, and Ikeda Shihan. She received the rank of 6th Dan in 2004 and, in addition to her Aikido accomplishments, she received a Masters degree in Holistic Health Education from JFK University in 1998. 


Kayla Feder Sensei teaches seminars throughout the US, Europe, and Israel. Her teaching style supports the individual growth of each student, and she especially enjoys teaching kaishi waza (reversing techniques), ukemi (safe falling), and weapons--wooden sword (bokken) and staff (jo). Feder Sensei also includes yoga and meditation practices as part of the curriculum at Aikido of Berkeley. All are welcome to participate and none are pressured to do anything for which they feel unready.

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On March 3, 2007, Kayla Feder Sensei recorded this interview to demonstrate some of her thoughts about Aikido as a martial art, way of movement, and personal practice.


In 2002, Kayla Feder Sensei was invited to demonstrate at the Aiki Expo. Click below to see a video of her demonstration with her students: Eric Winters Sensei (5th dan) and Brandon WilliamsCraig Sensei (4th dan).



Aikido demonstrations often focus on demonstration of basic techniques and the flowing nature of Aikido. For individuals who have not seen this before, the movement can look beautiful as well as intimidating. Demonstrations are very different from classes in that all participants spent several years practicing to be able to demonstrate at this level. Notice that her partners are enjoying themselves!


Kayla Sensei also extends (takes seriously) the ideas associated with aikido, and is part of a growing number of martial artists who are willing to call for peace-making practice and behavior on the part of local, regional, national, and international leaders. She served for several years on the Board of Aiki Extensions (http://aiki-extensions.org), and continues to support AE through fundraising and membership development.





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