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I met Brandon WilliamsCraig sensei last year while visiting the Bay Area and despite only practising together on two occasions, I was immediately drawn to his candid style and his gentle but thorough approach to teaching. Six months later I moved to the Bay Area and returned for some much needed practice when I first heard Brandon talk about Peace Practices. After talking with Brandon about the program he had pioneered, I immediately knew I had to get involved and be a part of this new approach to teaching kids (and adults!) about conflict using the art of Aikido. Since then I’ve had the privilege of both assisting and leading classes at the Pacific Rim International School, San Mateo campus under the guidance of Brandon WilliamsCraig Sensei.


I began practising Aikido at the age of 11 and quickly grew to love the rigorous yet welcoming culture of the Dojo. Within a few years I found myself assisting with the children's classes, and by the age of 15 I regularly taught at least two of the three children's classes each week. In contrast with my own intense and often chaotic learning process, learning how to work with and teach kids served to ground my ambition, humbling me and forcing me to refine my own practice again and again. I consider myself extremely lucky to have been afforded such a privileged opportunity so early in my Aikido career and I am excited to renew this passion as an assistant and instructor with Peace Practices under Brandon WilliamsCraig.




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