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The original content and research reproductions housed within this site do not necessarily reflect the opinions or beliefs of the organization or anyone who participates herein. Versions of material maintained here appear so that specific words and phrases are searchable on this free, password protected site for the not-for-profit purposes of research and cultural criticism. No copyright challenge is ever asserted or supported. All material not originated by the author is clearly marked with its original rights reserved information and appears in accordance with acceptable use practices governing public domain, academic study, or not-for-profit cultural development and critique. Any concerns about privacy or copyrights may be addressed by emails directed to administration at abcglobal dot net.

Creative Commons License

Creative Commons License


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Each author, unless otherwise explicitly stated, claims full original and creative rights to original ideas, terms, words, phrases, and looks forward to all opportunities to negotiate their use and dissemination for the good of people in general and the flourishing of the Commons.