TAB Thank you PRINTS Mondays 1
Brandon is in Greece this morning and en route from Athens to Loutraki. There he will connect with community leaders from conflict zones and offer them our support. We have been working toward a culture of peace at home through our Peace Practices program and this week, as he meets with and teaches aikido instructors from Jordan, Iraq, Palestine, Israel, Bosnia, Serbia, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, and Ethiopia they will build partnerships that will lead to Peace Practices programs in conflict zones around the world. With his presentations, relationship building, and demonstrations during the conference, Brandon will be able to plant these first seeds of interest and find opportunities for Peace Practices to grow where it is needed most.

TAB Thank you Dallas

We need your help because this journey stretches an already bare-bones budget to the breaking point. We could not pass up an opportunity like this, but we still need your help to cover the cost of Brandon's travel to the conference to meet these leaders. If every person who liked us on Facebook put $10 towards really getting traction for peace at this conference, we would meet our goal of $2,000, but we are hoping to raise $3,000 so that we cover expenses and can further support the scholarships that were extended to those coming from conflict zones. Please give wildly, from the heart, and let us bring this work into the international light and to those who need it most. 




We invite you to share the love and join us in thanking Aiki Extensions and all community leaders for practicing peace. Follow the event and the messages via: