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 Children’s Ranks and their correlative belts

For each belt we request $10 upon passing to the next rank, although belts can also be purchased at cost.

Tests and rank advancement are optional. "Advanced" children's ranks use the same color belt as before, adding a stripe of tape or a sewn band of dark cloth.

  • 9th Kyu Yellow Belt (after 30 "training days" in which the student participated in at least one class)

  • 8th Kyu Orange Belt (40 additional training days)

  • 7th Kyu Green Belt (50 additional training days)

  • 6th Kyu Advanced Green Belt (60 additional training days)

  • 5th Kyu Blue Belt (70 additional training days)

  • 4th Kyu Advanced Blue Belt (80 additional training days)

  • 3rd Kyu Purple Belt (90 additional training days)

  • 2nd Kyu Advanced Purple Belt (100 additional training days)

  • 1st Kyu Red Belt (110 additional training days and a 10 hour approved community service project)

Preparing for Black Belt

  • Advanced Red Belt - Requires 120 additional training days, including regular physical and verbal training with adults and assistant teaching, as well as a 20 hour approved community service project.

  • Brown Belt - Requires additional training days as assigned, a 30 hour approved community service project, at least 14 years of age and regular teaching of classes for children.

Black Belt, or Shodan ("beginning level"), an adult ranking requiring additional training days as assigned, teaching adults, at least 16 years of age, and an approved community service project or internship.


Gi belt (one size)
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