Training Schedule Week of 2018 01 01-Full

A private foundation has provided two of three years of the funding which makes our programs possible. They are "undergoing internal difficulties" and, instead of our third year of funding, may very well not offer even reduced support in the Fall. We will try to continue to open our doors to you regardless of your ablity to pay, but may have to close our doors altogether. We can continue if those who benefit from our work together choose to offer their financial support. Training at other dojos costs from $80-$100 a month, but we will trust and depend on your commitment, and the world that generosity creates. Please visit the Free Aiki Dojo Partnership page and create a recurring donation for as much as you can afford. Every person in our community is important to us, and we must rely on you to help us move through this challenging time.

Please email  if you would consider attending a noon class at The Flight Deck in Downtown Oakland.

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--- Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018

7am - 8am Fundamentals of Aikido 2.0 at Aikido of Berkeley (1514 University Ave, Berkeley) - This Free Aiki Dojo and Golden Bears Aikido class is perfect for both beginners and advanced adult students.  

--- Saturday 

10:00am - 11:30am Fundamentals of Aikido for Adults at Aikido of Berkeley (1514 University, Berkeley) with Brandon Sensei.

12pm - 1pm Fundamentals of Aikido 2.0 (ALL AGES) at Aikido of Berkeley (1514 University, Berkeley) - Children and adults (especially parents!) learn Martial Nonviolence together in this introductory class with Brandon Sensei. We look forward to training with you!


P.S. All Golden Bears Aikido classes are Free Aiki Dojo classes, and vice versa. We are a single training community. Brandon Sensei teaches all classes, unless otherwise noted, and also highly recommends (you are always welcome to train in) any class at Aikido of Berkeley. When you train in a class there taught by someone other than Brandon Sensei, please leave a $10-$15 donation in the wooden box on the cabinet near the front door.

As always, please follow either of our Twitter feeds for the latest changes, weekly class times, etc. at:
As always, no previous experience is necessary.
Show up and train no matter what. Please bring a friend.
Pay what you can. If you can't, don't. No kidding.

We need your help!

We call on our community to help us grow! Peace Practices needs your help to teach "conflict done well" in the East Bay, at UC Berkeley, Pacific Rim International School, and beyond: locally, nationally, and then internationally.  In order for use to continue, we absolutely must raise funds continuously. If you know someone who is a fundraiser or social entrepreneur who invests in essential projects, please connect them with us. Especially if you are training regularly in Free Aiki Dojo or Golden Bears Aikido classes, please set up an automatic donation for whatever you can afford through Association Building Community at, and thanks!


Get your Peace Practices gi -- both lightweight and heavyweight!

It will help to support the Peace Practices project if you purchase our custom gi. In addition to the basic karate-style gi for kids and adults, we also offer a high quality gi top for adults (no white pants included) that is long enough to work well under a hakama (see me in mine above). Find it in the store here

Please click here for our petition to support aikido at UC Berkeley  and forward this link to your networks with a note explaining why it is important to you.
Please share your Google Calendar with  so we can coordinate and plan together, but always email  because it goes to everybody who needs to see it and will get you a much faster response.
If you didn't receive this through freeaiki@ or , you will soon receive an notice of being added to our email lists to receive weekly notice of classes. Please make sure you have become a member by checking your status.!forum/goldenbearsaikidoclub!forum/freeaiki

Our Google Groups are mostly about weekly announcements. If you would like to be on the inside of the logistics email loop where the decisions are made about class scheduling, special events, and the future of our training community in general, please email my executive assistant at e and they will add you to the development list: .

If you haven't checked out the Golden Bears Aikido Facebook Group yet, by all means go to

Some maps for locations:
Free Aiki Dojo (hosted by Aikido of Berkeley)
1514 University Ave
Berkeley, CA 94703

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Brandon Sensei