TAB 2005 attendees group
 A potentially world changing event was convened in Cyprus in April 2005 by an international organization called Aiki Extensions (AE). Designed to found relationships that would lead to international conflict resolution, Training Across Borders (TAB) brought together participants from Jordan, Iraq, Palestine, Israel, Bosnia, Serbia, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, and Ethiopia to train together with aikido instructors representing six countries, get to know each other, and experience the birth of transformative friendships. The seeds of empathy planted in Cyprus in 2005 lead to ten years of shared training, interdependence, and work toward peace.

The tenth anniversary Training Across Borders seminar is about to take place from October 7-11 in Greece. The seminar will once again bring aikido practitioners from conflict regions around the world to practice together and replace barriers built by years of fear, hatred, and distrust with foundations for peace, trust, and friendship.

I have been invited to bring our internationally funded Peace Practices™ curriculum to TAB 2015, so that these martial artists can not only share their love for the philosophy and physical techniques of aikido, but may also extend their dedication to the mission of the Art of Peace into the verbal and social justice realms.

Our Peace Practices budget is devoted to working with the schools, students, and families we serve here in the San Francisco Bay Area, and to the national opportunities we are cultivating, such as the new affiliation we have in the Detroit area. I need your help to get Peace Practices to this essential meeting in Greece and create the relationships and partnerships which will lead to our international growth.

The ask is small. We only need $2000 to put Peace Practices in front of these leaders from conflict zones. We're setting our sights on $3000 because any amount given beyond the expenses associated with attendance will go directly to Aiki Extensions to bring to the conference even more of those who want these tools in their hands. <span>Peace Practices needs one more champion each day. Today you are that champion. Please help with your donation today.





Watch what Philip Emminger, ABC Board Member, and Project Manager of the 2005 Training Across Borders has to say about the event, and the potential of practicioners of peace meeting from around the world.