Ideas, beginnings, suggestions, and experiments which are waiting for either more participants (beyond belonging to an individual) or more practice (committed time, process, and product) to be considered official projects supported by ABC.


Here is a template (below). If you like, copy it and create a new card (using the "New" link above). Paste the template into the card and pick a name that sounds about right. You can change it later. Then come back here and include the name of the card between two { { gullwing brackets } } like this (you have to click Edit to see the brackets in action).

expand_more Example
This is an example page that may be used anywhere. Please don't make it significant by adding anything that matters to you.
Make sure to end with "closed" when embedding the page so you can get at the menu and this page doesn't get too packed.



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the biggest possible vision (without removing anything "impossible")




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individually everything written as Must Do (MD), Will Do (WD), Can Do (CD), Have Objections (HO), and No Thanks (NT)


Add a +

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to those things which seem best suited to do as part of the first big push.


Create a proposal structure

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Put the items in order of importance and likelihood of success and toss out the bottom of the list, making a list of the things toward which we've agreed not to put time.


Add specifics and recruit support

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How to configure ourselves organizationally?

Who is ready to do which jobs?