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Association for Cultural Movement in Education
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A High Point in Depth


a cocreative community purposefully designed to encourage the deepening of culture

A developing project of Association Building Community (501c3) in the San Francisco Bay Area, we hope ACME will support the contemporary movement toward imagination in learning, interdisciplinary dialogue, and ties between nurturing communities of scholars, activists, artists, and individuals working in religion, psychology, mythology, and all forms of cultural activism.

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  Association, Culture, Movement, Education - the acronym is composed of four "tags" which best anchor the work desired. Like many ideas in ABC, ACME ...



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Alternative, Spiritually Oriented Pride Event
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I've found several others who are interested in helping me plan an event for the week leading up to GLBTQ Pride weekend in San Francisco.(June 28-29). Once a celebration of a courageous people who stood up for their own longings, so much of the weekend-long event now seems to be about getting high/drunk/stoned, looking sexy, and being marketed to by large corporations. In part, the sadness of the events for me is about how much wounding there has been as a result of homophobia, which among other things has exiled people from families, hometowns, and spiritual communities. The resulting suffering is capitalized on by corporations, especially alcohol, cigarette, entertainment, and high-end clothing companies. The attempt to answer spiritual longing, or longing for meaning, with material stuff is what the NSP would like to challenge on a large scale. What would an NSP alternative Pride event look like? All we know is that it would be drug-, alcohol-, and commercialism-free and would provide an opportunity for GLBTQ people and allies to come together for connection and meaningful conversation about the kind of world we want to build. We'd love to know your thoughts about what this might look like and have your help in building it. If you are interested, please send me an email and we'll figure out a time when most of us can get together to brainstorm.
Source: NSP, Nichola Torbet nichola at tikkun dot org


Neighborhood Wisdom Councils
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expand_more PeopleGreen

is a service mark Brandon WilliamsCraig coined and uses.

If paying attention to how you consume, reuse, transport, recycle, spend, etc., and also refrain from doing all these things has to do with being Green, than what is required to green the human interactions on which all of this is based? Process arts like dialogue, deliberation, Nonviolent Communication, psychotherapy, organizational development and more all draw attentions to how humans do what they do below, above, and beyond the material physically produced. Those that work overtly to build peaceful communities by practicing conflict so they can do it well over time are Peoplegreen - relationally sustainable in stewardship of the systems their hands and ideas make every day. Peoplegreen families and organizations consume, reuse, transport, recycle, spend, shape conflict, and make cultures in which every voice gets heard and every need has a good chance of getting met.