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This page serves as an index of all known work that falls on the spectrum of the process arts, from the strictly technical process-level disciplines which implicitly develop collaboration to those overtly committed to creating sustainable, peaceful communities committed to doing conflict well.

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Name Description, affiliations, key words, etc. Local area &Contact info
John Abbe johnca at ourpla dot net
Iris McGinnis irismaymcg at gmail dot com
Leon Regelson leonreg at yahoo dot com
Brandon WilliamsCraig public at bdwc dot net
Cheryl Honey
Steve Cady
Thomas Moore
Tom Atlee cii at igc dot org
Sandy Heierbacher National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation sandy at thataway dot org
Jim Rough
Kenoli Oleari
kenoli at igc dot org
Judy Gussmann Middle-East peace dialogue teachergus at aol dot com
Nichola Torbett Tikkun and NSP Network of Spiritual Progressives nichola at tikkun dot org
Odette Lockwood-Stewart Pastor: Epworth UMC, Berkeley CA. Community building, peace, justice work within the United Methodist Church revodette at lmi dot net

Carol Swann

Co-director Moving On Center carolswann at aol dot com
Lane Arye  Processwork (Mindell) in the SF Bay Area lane at processworklane dot com
George Lakey Training For Change

Philadelphia PA

georgelakey at yahoo dot com

Doug Germann
76066.515 at compuserve dot com
Laura Wells
lwlaura at yahoo dot com
DeAnna Martin Center for Wise Democracy, Wisdom Council deanna at wisedemocracy dot org
 Arnold Mindell

Processwork Institute and Deep Democracy Institute

Description, affiliations, key words, etc.

Local area &

Contact info

Nexus for Change
Nonviolent Communication
Community Building from the FCE model
Ojai Foundation
National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation
Community Weaving
Aikido of Berkeley Berkeley CA,
Aiki Extensions

Chicago IL, Berkeley CA

Moving On Center

Oakland, CA

Co-intelligence Institute
Archetypal Psychology
Pacifica Graduate Institute Academic institution providing instruction in the overlap of psychology and mythology as they shape and are shaped by culture. Keywords: Joseph Campbell, James Hillman, Marija Gimbutas, Marion Woodman, Archetypal Psychology, mythography
Center for Wise Democracy

Center for Wise Democracy
1122 E. Pike Street, #578
Seattle, WA 98122
info {@}

Rockridge Institute

* Appearance on this list does not imply affiliation or endorsement. This is a public, shared reference for the process arts.