If you power down, buy less and use everything as long as you can, and localize your life...

Then you are "Green".

If you speak with compassion and listen deeply,

build community on purpose

by investing long-term in the people around you,

and support others who do the same...

Then you are PeopleGreen!

There all all manner of notions in the Green idea.

Nature, wildness, money, sustainability, envy, animality, hugging trees, pollution conservative business, nature protective politics, anti-drilling/cutting/digging/expanding blockades, Killing, eating, Sir Gawain, recycling, paganism, death and rebirth, enviro-activism, ecocapitalism, ... the list goes on.

After all is said and done, the basic value of human greenness, which occasionally escapes practice, is sustainable relationship, or cultivating associations between ideas and creatures and earth in which every participant gets all of what is needed and at least some of what is wanted.

The Peoplegreen idea you'll read about here, and to which you may contribute, directs the two-footed part of right relationship and ecologicality back into the mirror wherein we see each other, and without which we cannot work well together, and gives it a catchy name so it is easier to talk about and spread around like the fertilizer it is.

If paying attention to how you consume, reuse, transport, recycle, spend, make war, and make culture, and also refrain from doing all these things has to do with being Green, than what is required to green human relationships?

Have you noticed that one of the everybody's favorite metaphors has become one of the first associations with green in the urban and suburban mind? Grass ! Can you think of many things that come more immediately to mind after the word green than grass? And even better, not only are the carefully mown, effectively identical blades underfoot of interest, but beneath (and therefore more deep, Dude) you'll find Roots. But what is behind or beneath these roots of grass? When "They" speak of a grass roots campaign, are they talking about you? Under what circumstances is this phrase doing to the PeopleGreen movement what greenwashing corporate wrongdoing does to the movement to balance the physical environment?

Also, you may find that your conscience will not allow me to continue business as usual. What would it look like to do 

Business as Unusual

Maybe Steven Spielberg was pondering this when he announced his resignation as artistic advisor for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Summer Olympics in Beijing, to protest China's support for the Sudanese government and "the unspeakable crimes against humanity that continue to be committed in Darfur." (Source: BBC ). What criteria was he applying to make this decision?