Peace Practices has a made a tremendous difference in the lives of the children and adults learning Conflict Done Well together. Important work like this lives or dies by your choice to spend your money and time. We are always on the look-out for new partners and opportunities, and hope that you will donate now, as generously as you can, to reward our history of working with marginalized communities, connecting parents and children through in peace-making practices, and assisting professional teams of all kinds to work together well and to contribute to the communites in which they live.

A parent of a particularly fiery girl wrote: "In the past, she has had poor conflict resolution and can get very frustrated. I was thrilled when Peace Practices came. Although I knew she'd be resistant, I know that deep down inside it's helping her resolve conflicts in a new way. I truly hope you continue your program."

With your help, I hope so too.

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Before saying goodbye, when we wrap a final class with the children we have inevitably come to love, we ask what they liked and did not like, and test what they learned during Peace Practices. Their responses express the value of Peace Practices better than we ever can: "I like the grabbing and turning, the rolling, the games, and practicing what I will say and do when somebody tries to hurt me, tells me I am wrong, or that it is my fault. I don't have to be The Bad Guy. Now my body knows that I can do something good when I feel afraid."

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Thank you for your support of Peace Practices since 2014. With your help, we developed a respected peace training that has been adopted by children and adults across the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2015, we brought Peace Practices to an international peace conference in Greece. We offered pay-what-you-can classes to adults of all descriptions in Downtown Oakland, as well as to young adults, children and their parents in Berkeley. We offered a Peace Practices seminar at to CSU East Bay to respond to the political realities of our era, were invited to train entrepreneurs and school children in China, and have expanded to Texas. We need your help to continue dreaming big and reach even beyond our dreams for peace to be the norm.

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