Peace Practices End of 2016 Appeal

Peace Practices has a made a tremendous difference in the lives of the children and adults learning Conflict Done Well together. Our expected funding has fallen through at the same time that our client schools have been forced by financial realities to cut back. If that information is all you need to donate now, then please do so as generously as you can. If you'd like to know more of the story, please read on.

I've been told that the benefits and value of Peace Practices are not clear to everyone, until they have had a chance to participate. Asking for support is always an attempt to cross that barrier, because important work lives or dies by your choice to spend your money and time. A parent of a particularly fiery girl wrote: "In the past, she has had poor conflict resolution and can get very frustrated. I was thrilled when Peace Practices came. Although I knew she'd be resistant, I know that deep down inside it's helping her resolve conflicts in a new way. I truly hope you continue your program."

With your help, I hope so too.

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Before saying goodbye, as we complete our last class with the children, we ask what they liked and did not like, and test what they learned during Peace Practices. This year they expressed its value better than I ever can: "I like the grabbing and turning, the rolling, the games, and practicing what I will say and do when somebody tries to hurt me, tells me I am wrong, or that it is my fault. Now my body knows that I can do something when I feel afraid without having to be The Bad Guy."

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Thank you for your support of Peace Practices over the past two successful years. With your help, we developed a respected peace training that has been adopted by children and adults across the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2015, we accepted an invitation to bring Peace Practices to an international peace conference in Greece. Until recently, we offered pay-what-you-can classes to adults of all descriptions in Downtown Oakland, as well as to young adults, children and their parents in Berkeley. This month we were invited to offer a Peace Practices seminar at to CSU East Bay during the winter quarter to respond to the post-election environment, and are in negotiations to train entrepreneurs and school children in China later in 2017. We need your help to reach that far.

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Our primary source of funding over the past two years has come from a private international foundation and was supposed to extend through 2017. In May 2016, we reported success in every essential area but reaching financial independence, and looked forward to our third year of funding to make our operations fully sustainable. After submitting a revised report in June, the only response we have received is a promise that it would be submitted. We can only assume the foundation has met with misfortune since it has not responded to our queries.

We served an excellent new client school in the fall that allowed us to continue a trickle of teaching but provided no funds for keeping the larger project alive. They have let us know that their census dropped, and that they can't afford to continue until that changes. Since last summer we have accrued a small operating debt, in order to keep the doors open, and administration and development has happened on a volunteer basis, because the children, adults, and work are that important to us.

We seem to be in a "perfect storm" of circumstances. It is to our community that we turn for help in our hour of need. If you are able, it would mean the world to us, and to the children and adults with whom we practice Conflict Done Well, if you would:

In this season of generosity, when peace seems so tenuous and in need of nurturing,

Please help lift us up!

Brandon Williamscraig 

Peace Practices Director

P.S. On a personal note, given the chance that it will take some time to bring Peace Practices back to health, I would appreciate any help in finding lecturer positions in psychology, literature, or religious studies, or employment as an executive, consultant, or teamwork trainer.