Welcome to the Fall!

We hope this can be a time for grounding, harvesting what has been in progress all through the Summer in order to nourish us in the months ahead. At ABC, we continue in our commitment to you, our community, to Peace Practices, to being centered in our bodies and focused as we build our work together. Will you please bring your best gifts and join us?

New Peace Practices Classes Specifically for You

We are having an inspiring and lovely time with the children, teaching the next generation about conflict done well, but did you know that it's available to you too? We are happy to see more and more parents join us in classes with the students and faculty, and would love to welcome you as well. In addition to Free Aiki Dojo and Golden Bears Aikido classes, we are also now offering Peace Practices for adults on PRINTS campuses. Please read below for details; we'd love to see you there!
You probably already know that Brandon Sensei offers adult classes through Golden Bears Aikido (on campus at UC Berkeley)
  • Mondays 11:30am - 12:30pm
and Free Aiki Dojo (hosted by Aikido of Berkeley at 1514 University)
  • Tuesdays 6:30-7:30pm
  • Wednesdays 7-8am
  • Saturdays 10:30am-12pm 
We will now offer classes at PRINTS.
The next ones will be:
  • Wednesday, October 29th from 5-6pm at the San Mateo campus
  • Thursday, November 6th from 5:30-6:30pm at the Emeryville campus
 Please give us feedback about these days and times (should the next classes be similarly scheduled?) and stay tuned for each month's new class times. Please also follow Peace Practices on Twitter and get reminders and updates on classes or subscribe/see our public Google calendar here.


ABC Community Building Circles

and Culturesmith Roundtable

In the late 1990s we began offering open, regularly scheduled, facilitated opportunities to join a circle and be heard by others committed to building community on purpose -- for its own sake. We know you've probably already seen the Facebook invitation, etc.
(No? Please visit and "Like" us at https://www.facebook.com/abcglobal)
but we thought we'd remind you that 
We are offering our Community Building Circle again!
Every second Sunday evening
starting Sunday, October 12th, 5 - 7 pm
followed by the Culturesmith Roundtable, 7 - 9 pm 

What is Culturesmith?
Imagine an inquiry with a diverse group of casual and professional cultural critics and change-makers turning over ideas and action together, forming and reforming a therapy of the cultural imagination. Imagine studying and working on the cultures in which you take part every day, such that psychology, religion, martial, liberal, and performing arts, politics, in fact all mythologies (belief systems) are shaped in service to the richness of life and the potential depths of human understanding and planetary stewardship. Would you like an introduction to that imagined conversation, and even to take part in realizing its conclusions? Learn more about Culturesmith here. Facilitated by Brandon Williamscraig Ph.D and other scholars of myth, psychology, and culture.

If the roundtable isn't for you, please come to the Community Building Circle from 5-7 and consider the 7-9 slot to be open space in which to propose a different co-creative process with the input of others present. 

What is Association Building Community?
We meet as a community to explore ways of working together to build a deeper sense of community and the process arts (the field of group process design and facilitation) in a structured way. Through rotating facilitation, we both work together (creating projects and performing tasks we agree to complete) and explore individual and group dynamics, discussing what comes up while consciously building community. Learn more about ABC here.

What are the Process Arts?
Processes can relate primarily to the individual (such as meditation), interpersonal dynamics (as refined, for example, by Nonviolent Communication), group processes (e.g. Open SpaceWorld Cafeand wiki), on up to very large scale systems, such as economic, legal and political structures (e.g. ThreeblesRestorative Circles, or Citizen Deliberative Councils). Even more than a list of particular processes though, the process arts are about an awareness that however we are doing something, that is simply one particular way, and we can and often do experiment with doing it any number of other ways. Learn more here.

Facebook Group
Facebook Group

Request for Support from the Community 

Hugo is looking for a new home that is quieter than where he currently lives in the Elmwood district in Berkeley where his upstairs neighbors are disturbing him:

The "Property I am looking for: Ideally i would love to live in a property with a garden and easy access to nature
Price: up to $3000 per month Date of move in: 21st to 31st October
Lease length: until 15th December Location: ideally within driving distance of the dojo (which is on University in Berkeley)
Property size: large 1 or 2 bedroom apartment / cottage / bungalow (about 700 sq ft or more in size)
About the property: Quiet and thoroughly insulated to keep out any noise from any surrounding neighbors … so I can study in peace! Equipped with a kitchen and enough storage space for my bike
About me: I am a responsible 39 year old graduate student from England studying here in the East Bay. Currently I am completing my studies in Health, Leadership and Entrepreneurship before I begin working next year. If you know of any home that fits the description and is being offered for rent, I would be very grateful if you could let me know. I can provide excellent references and evidence I can afford the rent."

Many kind thanks,

Hugo Allen-Stevens

(Please email to let us know of any options we may pass on to Hugo.)



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