An epidemic of bullying and sexual assault afflicts our schools. Governments still deploy mass incarceration and international warfare as policy tools. How is this possible, when so many people around the world are working for peace? It doesn't have to be this way, but a more humane world requires daily practice on the part of every individual who wants peace to be a reality. People yearning for peace deeply desire to shift from talk into action, which is especially difficult in groups and under pressure. Peace Practices integrates language with the physical techniques of aikido, the martial "Art of Peace", to root the practice of peace in the body, and in behavior that can only be learned, over time, through repetition, just like a martial art.

Last week UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon gave a strong message on the International Day of Peace urging us to "invest in young peacebuilders" to build a culture of peace worldwide. Today, we need your help to extend this work from our children at home to those in conflict zones.

Last week we returned to the children and adults we have been teaching for the past year on the campuses of Pacific Rim International School, and this month we begin a new program at King Middle School in Berkeley. In Oakland and Berkeley ongoing public classes continue with children and adults who are reframing conflict and practicing peace like a martial art. In addition to all we had planned for this Fall, our founder, Brandon Williamscraig, has been invited to teach Peace Practices this coming week to aikido practitioners brought directly from conflict zones to the Aiki Extensions internationalTraining Across Borders event in Greece. A new door to the world has just opened, and we need your help to step through it.

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 Do you think that people who grew up in conflict zones need Peace Practices? Do the children in the San Francisco Bay and Detroit areas need to know that they have Peace Practices partners in Jordan, Iraq, Palestine, Israel, Somalia, Uganda, Bosnia, Serbia, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, and Ethiopia? Can these children and adults working for peace count on you?

Brandon must cultivate this opportunity and we need your help to sow these seeds. Your donation is a vote for peace worldwide, starting with these leaders in conflict zones. Whatever we receive in the next two weeks will help to pay for this journey. Anything beyond expenses will go directly to scholarships to bring even more leaders from conflict zones to this groundbreaking event.

They need you. We need you. Please invest in the actual practice and let's lift up thoughtful, committed citizens that will make it so! Peace Practices needs one more champion each day. Today that champion is you.