Our class at the Suitcase Clinic was a wonderful success! Around forty homeless women, kids, and volunteers participated, while others watched and enjoyed, while much was learned by all.

Our coordinator at the Clinic was incredibly together, welcoming, and had this to say after:

I wanted to thank you and your team for coming out tonight! It was truly amazing seeing everyone learn and interact with each other. We got some great participation from the women at the clinic, as well as many volunteers from The Suitcase Clinic. This was the best Fun Friday turn out we have ever had! I hope you enjoyed this experience as much as we did.
Here is one of the pictures we took tonight. 
Monica Eng

Lasting thanks to Golden Bears yudansha Vivian Tran, and to Aikido of Berkeley uchi deshi Joe Zummo and Justin Tyle for all their support! Joe's farewell party is next Tuesday's (March 4th) 8:30pm potluck at AiBerk. Please come to wish him well.


A Reminder:

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Here's the Free Aiki Dojo and Golden Bears Aikido usual training schedule 
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Monday 11:00am - 1:00pm on campus will feature weapons training on Faculty Glade (or Sproul Plaza on first Mondays only). Bring bokken and jo if you have them. We have extras if you don't.
Tuesday at 1514 University Ave
Free Aiki Dojo classes are from 6:30-8:30pm at our host dojo, Aikido of Berkeley, at 1514 University Ave.
From 6-6:30 you are welcome to an informal warm-up and Q&A session.
6:30-7:30 is a basics class with Brandon Sensei, and 7:30-8:30 is a general class with Kayla Sensei.
This is an excellent evening to get to know a large cross-section of people in our training community. The first Tuesday in every month includes a community potluck beginning at 8:30.

Wednesday at 1514 University Ave
7am -8am is at 1514 University Ave. There is no better way to start your day!

Thursday on campus
10:00 - 11:00 PM The Late Night Thursday class on campus, most often in Hearst #230.


Friday at 1514 University Ave

2:30pm-4:30pm at 1514 University Ave is a sempai lead study group.


Saturday at 1514 University Ave

10:30am - 12pm is at 1514 University with Ricardo Sempai or Brandon Sensei.


I look forward to training with you!

Brandon Sensei

Some maps for locations:
Free Aiki Dojo (hosted by Aikido of Berkeley)
1514 University Ave
Berkeley, CA 94703


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