Fiscal Sponsorship Guidelines

At this time, we assess an 8% administrative fee. In addition, we receive 12% of any grants secured with our help, and require a commitment to establish an ongoing relationship with a current member. A contract will establish reporting requirements. If you are seeking fiscal sponsorship, please take a moment to answer the following questions briefly in an email to

  1. Please forward your vision and mission statements along with a list of Internet sites you maintain.
  2. Please forward a recent copy of documentation (balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flows) illustrating the system by which you manage your group's money.
  3. Please describe your group norms when dealing with conflict inside your organization. If you have a private consensus and/or published policy, please forward it.
  4. Please list briefly the other organizations/groups with whom you are in relationship (alliance, support, competition, etc.) based on similarities with your mission.
  5. Please list the people who work on your projects most frequently and need your efforts to succeed for their own reasons. Include titles and functions as appropriate.
  6. Please describe your activities, including a statement indicating how your work and plans do not interfere with our 501(c)3 political restrictions.