Ethical Metalsmiths


Few materials used by jewelers can be traced to their source. Gold, diamonds and gemstones are mined in remote areas of the world and supply chains are obscure. There are few standards or monitors to assure jewelers that the materials essential to their craft were responsibly mined and processed.

Mining is a dirty industry. Large open-pit mines operated by multi-national corporations consume wilderness areas, destroy ecosystems and violate human rights. Artisanal mining in impoverished nations exploit labor, poison communities and ravage environments. Countless organizations are responding to these issues and are working to protect communities and the environment, promote fair trade and defend human rights.


Ethical Metalsmiths’ approach is to raise awareness and activate people who make jewelry to support real change that leads to responsible mining and supply chain transparency. Ethical Metalsmiths is committed to leading jewelers and consumers in becoming informed activists for responsible mining, sustainable economic development and verified, ethical sources for gold, diamonds and other materials used for jewelry. Ethical Metalsmiths' vision is a world in which people can create and enjoy jewelry made with materials from responsible sources that respect and protect the earth, its peoples, and cultures.