At the upcoming retreat, Epworth member Brandon WilliamsCraig will offer the somatic (bodymind oriented) facilitation method he created for "doing conflict well". His method is called Martial Nonviolence(MNv and begins with zero-impact aikido movements almost everyone can do and martial but nonviolent principles which help keep your body safe under pressure without fighting. These movements and principals suggest communication strategies which are then built into habits using theater skills so that practitioners develop authentic leadership techniques. The youngest students of this work are three years old and the eldest, thus far, is seventy four. Peace is thereby a practice, rather than a recommendation, practiced by those with no experience as well as by professionals making decisions which affect thousands of people. When a class series or seminar is designed for a particular community to explore MNv, that event or series of classes is called Peace Practices(PxPX, a learning process which is now internationally funded and moving into its second phase in the San Francisco Bay Area through the mutual effort of  Association Building Community and Pacific Rim International School on both their Emeryville and San Mateo campuses. Please come ready to play, share stories which have troubled you, care for yourself in whatever way seems best, and practice peace ("conflict done well") together!