ABC supports and Brandon WilliamsCraig hosts the Culturesmith Roundtable next

on Sunday, February 9th, 2014, beginning at 5pm

at 5739 McBryde Ave. in Richmond, California

Brandon WilliamsCraig here.

My work has to do with the ways that mythological study and archetypal psychologies shape the cultures in which we live. We've begun a roundtable, a learning environment where careful consideration is given to some of the core ideas of our culture and generation. I long for meaningful and thoroughgoing thinking, feeling, and creativity surfaced through deep participation, research, presentation, and committed listening.

In partnership with ABC, I have invited several others who are known for work like this, and we will enjoy occasional visits from people whose names and work you will recognize. Please consider coming. We will each invite other people, potentially unknown to the others but all ready to seriously engage this work, when we have a sense of the first iteration.

Make sure to RSVP by commenting here so I can send you the mobile number you will need to call to get in the gate.

Please "like", share, and invite your friends, and then save the next date as well - Wednesday, March 9th, at 5pm



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