With a heavy heart, I write this call for help from my mom's hospital bedside, waiting to find out which direction her health will turn in the coming days. As an only child, I cannot fathom leaving her for even an hour. After a severe stroke and a freak reaction to it spanning the last two weeks, anything could happen from moment to moment. We do not know what to expect.
It has truly been an added burden to me that I cannot maintain the work at Association Building Community that is necessary to help us survive while I am away. Brandon and I work as a 2-person team doing all that is necessary behind the scenes to run our successful but severely underfunded Peace Practices program. He cannot continue to keep up the workload of the entire program without help. I am calling out to everyone who believes that peace is possible, that nonviolence is necessary, that children must learn from early on how conflicts can be opportunities for peacebuilding.
We call on you, our community, to help us hold this sudden emergency that has pulled me away so that Peace Practices and Association Building Community can weather the shock waves of the storm that has struck our family. If you have expertise in fundraising or general development, nonprofit management, grant writing, administrative work, or know of someone that does, please contact us. Beyond potential volunteer help, please consider donating to help us pay for the support we need. 
Cheyenne and mom

Cheyenne Barr
Executive Assistant
Association Building Community