Aikido for Balance and Confidence


Aikido for Balance and Confidence is ready for you!

Please RSVP to (866) 236-0346
On Friday, January 17th, from 1-2pm at 1514 University Ave, we kicked off a no-impact class which provides immediately usable body-structure and momovement tools to honor your body's concerns while maintaining and improving balance and the ability to move with confidence.
Please wear flexible gym clothes that will allow reclining and moving on our comfortable floor mats. Bring any assistive devices you use on a daily basis. We have changing rooms for men and women. Please arrive up to fifteen minutes early if you would like to use them.
If you are already a student of aikido or Martial Nonviolence and not working with movement issues, you are most welcome to come, learn, and help demonstrate.
Hoping to see you,

P.S. If you have not made payment arrangements or a special agreement already,
please contribute $20 or more on the day, or go to and become a member of Association Building Community for whatever one-time or recurring donation you feel is appropriate.
You will not be asked about this again at any time.
1514 University is a "partial accessibility" public space. A wheeled personal transport device can access the entry area from University Ave, but a step-up of approximately 6 inches is required to enter and leave the mat and access the bathroom, which is not ADA ready.

from Brandon WilliamsCraig Sensei Ph.D. 4th dan ~
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