There are three windows through which to look in order to see the actions we take and, therefore, what we value--the issues and themes which move us: What we do as individuals (the choices which reveal what we believe), what we do with the acceptance or support of others (how society functions and fails to function), and what brings everyone involved together to work as a team toward a shared goal (how Big Ideas make Big Change). We prefer to track each level, as individual behavior changes groups and vice versa.


This page will track what we have done in relationship with the themes that move us to our choices.


expand_more Community Weaving
  ABC members Iris McGinnins and Brandon WilliamsCraig had the pleasure of making Cheryl Honey's acquaintance, collaboratively creating the Care & Share process in preparation ...

expand_more Healthcare
  an excellent article by George Lakoff, reproduced from:   An article by George Lakoff on Obama's Problem on Health ...

expand_more Ideological Extremism
The battle between not-always-clearly-divided forces for the hearts and minds of the religiously and politically motivated may be the central issue of our time. Here ...

expand_more Strangers and Aliens

Waheed and Nusrat Hashmi
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The Hashmis have been released!
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Our joint efforts ...