Association, Culture, Movement, Education - the acronym is composed of four "tags" which best anchor the work desired. Like many ideas in ABC, ACME is not concrete. It has no adherents yet, no projects, and no future beyond the theoretical and associations with other work already headed down this path. If you feel called to breate some life into the ideas below, please call (866) 236-0346 and let us know how to find you.

This page and configuration was begun by Brandon WilliamsCraig, is not a co-created project yet, and would like to be.


Education and its edge



Education, fundamentally, involves

    * learning how to learn
    * with others who have learned how to learn
    * well enough that they can peacefully (differing creatively) help others learning to
          o learn
          o entertain ideas, before adopting or rejecting them, long enough to discover many of their consequences
          o practice the ideas with salutary consequences such that undesirable consequences, inevitably a part of any constellation of thinking, may be framed as learning, thereby continuing the process, and not literalizing or creating dogma

Teaching, per se, is particularly problematic {a}, even before being thrust by those who have not learned how to learn into the realm of impossibility. "Guiding", as in the Montessori Guide, is less objectionable but still inflected with condescension. "Facilitating" learning carries with it a psuedo-corporate association that almost escapes condescension until a person becomes enshrined as the rather than a facilitator.

If education, as a drawing out of wisdom that is all-ready in the learner, has an edge, it is in the learning community where roles are both fluid and inflected with experience, such that wisdom may occasionally makes an appearance and be recognized for what it is. This requires building a conscious culture of community such that co-creation and conflict are both done well in the service of learning how to learn. Then a people's lore (the root of "learning") may enrich the lives of everyone involved.

The play-on-words I use for this series of expectations is Edgeucation.



We hope our constituency will include graduates from "new paradigm" higher educational programs pursuing the junctions where consciousness is described in terms of psychological, mythological, theological, philosophical, and anthropological ideas and begins to work a way toward a sustainable world view and daily practice.

ACME may become an ultimate high point in the understanding of depth, multi-sidedness, and polyvocality. We are also a cultural intervention within the idea of Education. Within our collaborations belong explorations of mono-cultural themes and many moving and individual bodies of work which can bring humans to experience the dimensions of life more fully, as though depth of understanding were accessible through thinking well and feeling with the body for mysteries which resist reduction to controlling comprehension.

Superlatively Ubiquitous!

The highest point, as of achievement or development: reached the acme of her career. Also a way of indicating commonness - a generic name for all Business in pop culture and cartoons.

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This wiki will be the forums through which ACME works together toward shared understanding
A library is developing here with resources for study from illustrative image collections to link caches and a shared library featuring the work of: Wolfgang Giegerich, David Miller, James Hilllman, C.G. Jung, Joseph Campbell, Thomas Moore, and MUCH more.

Look forward to calls for custom papers, moots, conferences, workshops, and intimate talks by engaged scholars.
What was available before at Beamish Process Arts Cultural Resource is now here in a more sustainable format.

If you are ready to work some play into the literal binds of life - enough to fit imagination and metaphor into culture, then join right in!